Autore: Lionel Lopez
Editore: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781976210235
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REACT This book/tutorial is about ReactJS and it is designed to move you from beginner to advanced programming. This book is based on 17 chapters well managed and it will helps you to become a React JS expert in less than 7 days. Each chapter will contain a certain number of relevant topics with illustrations and exercises where necessary, this will all be finished off with an end of chapter quiz for an easy and enjoyable learning. Benefits of reading this book that you're not going to find anywhere else: It helps you to understand React Easily. You can learn how to install Node JS based on ReactJS. With React you can build applications fast. ReactJS is SEO friendly. It makes code writing simple. We can use React with other libraries. React JS is very light weight front-end framework which allows developers to create web applications faster. Great Community Support. Supports State Management using Redux. CLICK ADD TO CART TO GET THIS AMAZING BOOK!

Managing Technology Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Autore: Paul Trott
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1317498194
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Managing Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the first textbook for non-business based entrepreneurship courses, focussed on students with a background in science and technology. Its comprehensive, rigorous and yet accessible approach originates from the authors’ considerable experience mentoring students as they turn their technological ideas into real-life business ventures. . The text is separated into three parts providing a roadmap for successful entrepreneurial projects: Part I focusses on how to create your venture, turning technology into businesses and how to link together entrepreneurship and innovation Part II shows you how to grow your venture and make it profitable, looking at the early development of academic spin-outs and how to adapt your technology to the customers’ needs. Part III takes you through the day-to-day running on your business; whether to adopt a contingency or contextual approach, how to develop new products and services and alternative options for growth. With a wide range of practical steps, lists of things to consider and guidelines on how to turn your technology based ideas into a successful business, this text will be essential for all non-business students who need to understand entrepreneurship, management and innovation. It will also prove a useful introduction to all Masters-level students taking these subjects in business schools.

The Poetical Works Of George Macdonald

Autore: George MacDonald
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Iphone Application Development For Dummies

Autore: Neal Goldstein
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470943731
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The Definitive Guide To Gcc

Autore: William von Hagen
Editore: Apress
ISBN: 9781430202196
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* Expanded and revised in light of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 4 release in April 2005, this book offers detailed coverage of GCC's somewhat daunting array of options and features and includes several chapters devoted to its support for languages like C, C++, Java, Objective-C, and Fortran. * Though targeting beginner and intermediate developers, this book goes well beyond basic compiler usage, combining instruction of GCC's advanced features and utilities (authconf, libtool, and gprof) with key coding techniques, such as profiling and optimization to show how to build and manage enterprise-level applications. * This is an enormous market. GCC is the defacto compiler collection for hundreds of thousands of open source projects worldwide, a wide variety of commercial development projects, and is the standard compiler for academic programs.

Ios Forensic Analysis

Autore: Sean Morrissey
Editore: Apress
ISBN: 1430233427
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iOS Forensic Analysis provides an in-depth look at investigative processes for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. The methods and procedures outlined in the book can be taken into any courtroom. With never-before-published iOS information and data sets that are new and evolving, this book gives the examiner and investigator the knowledge to complete a full device examination that will be credible and accepted in the forensic community. What you’ll learn How to respond to security incidents involving iOS devices How to acquire and analyze data on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad How to analyze media exploitation on iOS devices Who this book is for Computer forensic professionals, law enforcement, attorneys, security professionals, those who are curious about such things, and educators. This book can also be employed by law enforcement training academies and universities, as well as computer forensics, information security, and e-discovery communities. Table of Contents History of Apple Mobile Devices iOS Operating and File System Analysis Search, Seizure, and Incident Response iPhone Logical Acquisition Logical Data Analysis Mac and Windows Artifacts GPS Analysis Media Exploitation Media Exploitation Analysis Network Analysis

Professional Cocoa Application Security

Autore: Graham J. Lee
Editore: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470887044
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Il Ritratto Del Diavolo

Autore: Anton Giulio Barrili
ISBN: 9781975826857
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Barrili, in questo romanzo pubblicato nel 1905, prendendo spunto da un episodio narrato da Giorgio Vasari, ci narra la vicenda del pittore Spinello Spinelli (detto Spinello Aretino). Non spaventi n� l'ambientazione trecentesca n� l'aria da romanzo storico (essendo alcuni personaggi esistiti realmente, sebbene, poi, ci� che viene messo in scena sia in gran parte frutto della fantasia dell'autore) e non spaventino neppure i discorsi sull'arte messi in bocca ai personaggi o allo stesso narratore: l'intreccio � condotto brillantemente con ben dosati colpi di scena che danno slancio al romanzo, con uno stile agile, senza paludamenti. Il narratore poi, sebbene sia del tipo "onniscente", con il suo rivolgersi direttamente ai lettori diventa un personaggio egli stesso, quasi che fosse stato pensato proprio per una lettura ad alta voce.First Page:BIBLIOTECA AMENAAD UNA LIRA IL VOLUME15 Ottobre 1905. N. 691 15 Ottobre 1905.ANTON GIULIO BARRILIIl Ritratto del DiavoloROMANZOMILANO FRATELLI TREVES, EDITORI MILANO Via Palermo, 12, e Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, 64 e 66ROMA: Libreria Internazionale, Corso Umberto I, 174. NAPOLI: via Roma (gi� Toledo), 34 TRIESTE: presso G. Schubart BOLOGNA: presso la Libr. Treves, di L. Beltrami, Angolo Via Farini. LIPSIA, BERLINO, VIENNA: presso F.A. Bruchhaus.QUARTO MIGLIAIOIL RITRATTO DEL DIAVOLOI.Lettori gentili, siete mai stati ad Arezzo? Se non ci siete mai stati, vi prego di andarci alla prima occasione, anche a costo di farla nascere, o d'inventare un pretesto. Vi assicuro io che mi ringrazierete del consiglio. La Val di Chiana � una tra le pi� amene e le pi� pittoresche "del bel paese l� dove il s� suona". Anzi, un dilettante di bisticci potrebbe sostenere che il s� � nato proprio in Arezzo, poich� fu aretino quel monaco Guido, a cui siamo debitori della scala armonica. Ma, a farlo apposta, Guido d'Arezzo non invent� che sei note,


Autore: Rudy von Bitter Rucker
Editore: Arbor House Publishing
ISBN: 9780877958901
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Twenty-three stories deal with mathematical space, the fourth dimension, a cubic earth, two dimensional worlds, catastrophe theory, paradox, topology, and mathematical modeling

Penetration Tester S Open Source Toolkit

Autore: Jeremy Faircloth
Editore: Syngress
ISBN: 0128023538
Grandezza: 54,12 MB
Formato: PDF
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Continuing a tradition of excellent training on open source tools, Penetration Tester’s Open Source Toolkit, Fourth Edition is a great reference to the open source tools available today and teaches you how to use them by demonstrating them in real-world examples. This book expands upon existing documentation so that a professional can get the most accurate and in-depth test results possible. Real-life scenarios are a major focus so that the reader knows which tool to use and how to use it for a variety of situations. This updated edition covers the latest technologies and attack vectors, including industry specific case studies and complete laboratory setup. Great commercial penetration testing tools can be very expensive and sometimes hard to use or of questionable accuracy. This book helps solve both of these problems. The open source, no-cost penetration testing tools presented work as well or better than commercial tools and can be modified by the user for each situation if needed. Many tools, even ones that cost thousands of dollars, do not come with any type of instruction on how and in which situations the penetration tester can best use them. Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkil, Fourth Edition bridges this gap providing the critical information that you need. Details current open source penetration tools Presents core technologies for each type of testing and the best tools for the job New to this edition: expanded wireless pen testing coverage to include Bluetooth, coverage of cloud computing and virtualization, new tools, and the latest updates to tools, operating systems, and techniques Includes detailed laboratory environment setup, new real-world examples, and industry-specific case studies