Autore: Jorgen Brekke
Editore: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1250026059
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A promising young singer is found dead in a clearing in a forest, gruesomely murdered—her larynx cut out, and an antique music box placed carefully atop her body, playing a mysterious lullaby that sounds familiar, but that no one can quite place. Chief Inspector Odd Singsaker, of the Trondheim Police Department, still recovering from brain surgery, is called in to investigate. Singsaker, now married to Felicia Stone, the American detective he met while tracking down a serial killer, fears the worst when another young girl, also known for her melodic singing voice, suddenly goes missing while on a walk with her dog one night. As the Trondheim police follow the trail of this deadly killer, it becomes clear that both cases are somehow connected to a centuries-old ballad called "The Golden Peace," written by a mysterious composer called Jon Blund, in the seventeenth century. This lullaby promises the most sound, sweet sleep to the listener—and as time ticks by, the elusive killer seems as if he will stop at nothing to get his hands on this perfect lullaby. Jorgen Brekke returns at the top of his game in this nonstop thrill ride through place—and time.


Autore: Seymour A. Papert
Editore: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465046744
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Mindstorms has two central themes: that children can learn to use computers in a masterful way and that learning to use computers can change the way they learn everything else. Even outside the classroom, Papert had a vision that the computer could be used just as casually and as personally for a diversity of purposes throughout a person's entire life. Seymour Papert makes the point that in classrooms saturated with technology there is actually more socialization and that the technology often contributes to greater interaction among students and among students and instructors.

The Doldrums

Autore: Nicholas Gannon
ISBN: 9781460751398
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'a dreamy charmer of a book, full of clever wordplay that practically demands it be read out loud.' - The New York Times For fans of the bestselling Withering-by-Sea and Whimsy and Woe, an exquisitely illustrated novel from talented Nicholas Gannon. Archer B. Helmsley has grown up in a house full of oddities and treasures collected by his grandparents, the famous explorers. He knows every nook and cranny. He knows them all too well. After all, ever since his grandparents went missing on an iceberg, his mother barely lets him leave the house. Archer B. Helmsley longs for adventure. Grand adventures, with parachutes and exotic sunsets and interesting characters. But how can he have an adventure when he can't leave his house? It helps that he has friends like Adelaide L. Belmont, who must have had many adventures since she ended up with a wooden leg. (Perhaps a crocodile ate it. Perhaps not.) And Oliver Glub. Oliver will worry about all the details (so that Archer doesn't have to). And so Archer, Adelaide and Oliver make a plan. A plan to get out of the house, out of their town entirely. It's a good plan. Well, it's not bad, anyway. But nothing goes quite as they expected. Ages: 8+ years

Dizionario Giuridico Romano

Autore: Federico Del Giudice
Editore: Simone SPA
ISBN: 9788824455619
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Autore: Francesco Morace
Editore: EGEA spa
ISBN: 8823879434
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Generational nuclei are like those found in atoms: structural dimensions held together by their positive charge which releases a binding energy. Generational nuclei cannot be defined so precisely, but their activity can be observed and tested just like their atomic counterparts. The generational nuclei are identified through ethno-antropological observation and produce an enormous amount of attractive energy towards both their own generation and others, with a power that shapes future values and behaviours.

Num Ro Sp Cial Sur La Globalisation

Autore: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Editore: OCDE
ISBN: 9789264239548
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Are there computers in the classroom? Does it matter? Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection examines how students' access to and use of information and communication technology (ICT) devices has evolved in recent years, and explores how education systems and schools are integrating ICT into students' learning experiences. Based on results from PISA 2012, the report discusses differences in access to and use of ICT - what are collectively known as the digital divide that are related to students' socio-economic status, gender, geographic location, and the school a child attends. The report highlights the importance of bolstering students' ability to navigate through digital texts. It also examines the relationship among computer access in schools, computer use in classrooms, and performance in the PISA assessment. As the report makes clear, all students first need to be equipped with basic literacy and numeracy skills so that they can participate fully in the hyper-connected, digitised societies of the 21st century.