Visual And Linguistic Representations Of Places Of Origin

Autore: Maria Pia Pozzato
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319688588
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This book is about the representations - both visual and linguistic - which people give of their own places of origin. It examines the drawings of interviewees who were asked to draw their own place of origin on a white A3 sheet, using pencil or colour, according to their choice. If they were born in a place they did not remember because they moved in when they were very small, they could draw the place they did remember as the scenario of their early childhood. The drawings are examined from three different perspectives: semiotics, cognitive psychology and geography. The semiotic instruments are used to describe how each person reconstructs a complex image of his/her childhood place, and how they translate their own memories from one language to another, e.g. from drawing to verbal story, trying to approach what they want to express in the best possible way. The cognitive-psychological point of view helps clarify the emotional world of the interviewees and their motivations during the process of reconstruction and expression of their childhood experiences. The geographical conceptualizations concern a cultural level and provide insight into the cartographic models that inspire the maps people drew. One of the main findings was the influence from cultural codes as demonstrated in the fact that most of the US students interviewed drew their maps showing considerable cartographic expertise in comparison to their European counterparts.

La V A Campesina

Autore: Annette Aurélie Desmarais
Editore: Pluto Press
ISBN: 9780745327044
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"This is an insider's look at one of the most important rural social movements of recent times. La Via Campesina has become a powerful and radical opposition to the globalization of a neo-liberal model of agriculture. This book analyzes La Via Campesina's strategies and actions as peasants and small-scale farmers engage in a desperate struggle not only for survival as producers of food and cultivators of rural culture, but also to keep people on the land and to build viable rural communities everywhere."--BOOK JACKET.

Study Of Point Of View

Autore: Boris A. Uspensky
Editore: Guaraldi
ISBN: 8869270467
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The semiotic theory of the narrative point of view and of the visual representation perspective. A chapter from "Poetics of Composition" (1973) by the Russian semiologist, co-author of J. Lotman. Also recalled by P. Ricoeur in "Tempo e racconto", it is very important in the study of iconism: for the composition of different points of view and for the debate upon time and narration. La teoria semiotica del punto di vista narrativo e della prospettiva nella raffigurazione visiva. Un capitolo della “Poetics of Composition” (1973) del semiologo russo, coautore di J. Lotman. Ripresa da P. Ricoeur in “Tempo e racconto” è importante nello studio dell’iconismo: per la composizione di differenti punti di vista e per la trattazione del tempo e dell’aspetto nella posizione narrante.

Cambridge English For The Media

Autore: Nick Ceramella
Editore: Ernst Klett Sprachen
ISBN: 9783125342842
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Asceticism In The Graeco Roman World

Autore: Richard Damian Finn
Editore: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521862817
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Asceticism was practised in every religious tradition in antiquity: pagan, Jewish, Christian and Manichean. This book presents for the first time a combined study of ancient ascetic traditions, which have been previously misunderstood by being studied separately.

Was Jesus God

Autore: Richard Swinburne
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191623458
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The orderliness of the universe and the existence of human beings already provides some reason for believing that there is a God - as argued in Richard Swinburne's earlier book Is There a God ? Swinburne now claims that it is probable that the main Christian doctrines about the nature of God and his actions in the world are true. In virtue of his omnipotence and perfect goodness, God must be a Trinity, live a human life in order to share our suffering, and found a church which would enable him to tell all humans about this. It is also quite probable that he would provide his human life as an atonement for our wrongdoing, teach us how we should live and tell us his plans for our future after death. Among founders of religions, Jesus satisfies uniquely well the requirement of living the sort of human life which God would need to have lived. But to give us adequate reason to believe that Jesus was God, God would need to put his 'signature' on the life of Jesus by an act which he alone could do, for example raise him from the dead. There is adequate historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. The church which he founded gave plausible interpretations of his basic message. Therefore Christian doctrines are probably true.

Ratner S Star

Autore: Don DeLillo
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0307817156
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"A whimsical, surrealistic excursion into the modern scientific mind." --The New Yorker One of DeLillo's first novels, Ratner's Star follows Billy, the genius adolescent, who is recruited to live in obscurity, underground, as he tries to help a panel of estranged, demented, and yet lovable scientists communicate with beings from outer space. It is a mix of quirky humor, science, mathematical theories, as well as the complex emotional distance and sadness people feel. Ratner's Star demonstrates both the thematic and prosaic muscularity that typifies DeLillo's later and more recent works, like The Names (which is also available in Vintage Contemporaries). "His most spectacularly inventive novel." --The New York Times

Democracy And Green Political Thought

Autore: Brian Doherty
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1134762062
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The green movement has posed some tough questions for traditional justifications of democracy. Should the natural world have rights? Can we take account of the interests of future generations? But questions have also been asked of the greens. Could their idealism undermine democracy? Can greens be effective democrats? In this book some of the leading writers on green political thought analyze these questions, examining the discourse of green movements concerning democracy, the status of democracy within green political thought and the political institutions that might be necessary to ensure democracy in a sustainable society.