Rights Of Peoples

Autore: Università di Padova. Centro di studi e di formazione sui diritti dell'uomo e dei popoli
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Cosmopolitanism And Human Rights

Autore: Sharon Anderson-Gold
Editore: University Of Wales Press
ISBN: 9780708316726
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If human rights express the equal claim of every person to the recognition and protection of their vital interests, they necessarily assert universal obligations of justice that cross borders. Sharon Anderson-Gold asks here whether there is a normative consensus on human rights and articulates the role of a cosmopolitan or global community in shaping the theory and practice of international politics. She considers several important works in the field of universal human rights and discusses whether a cosmopolitan system of law is a necessary condition for the stable association of nation states. Cosmopolitanism and Human Rightspresents an ethical foundation for the idea of human development and attempts to demonstrate the normative character of universal human rights. It claims that Kant's idea of a federation of nations based upon principles of international right remains highly relevant to contemporary aspirations for global justice, and concludes by suggesting that a ‘cosmopolitan community’ is the locus of a global democratic order and is the necessary framework for the maintenance of human rights.

Legal Traditions Of The World

Autore: H. Patrick Glenn
Editore: Oxford University Press (UK)
ISBN: 019966983X
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Legal Traditions of the World places national laws in the broader context of major legal traditions, those of chthonic (or indigenous) law, talmudic law, civil law, islamic law, common law, hindu law and confucian law. Each tradition is examined in terms of its institutions and substantive law, its founding concepts and methods, its attitude towards the concept of change and its teaching on relations with other traditions and peoples. The fifth edition covers increasing recognition of chthonic legal tradition and features new discussion on the notion of collective memory. New to this editionFeatures new discussion on the notion of collective memoryCovers increasing recognition of chthonic legal traditionIncludes new coverage of the notions of Big Data, Big History and private cloudsIncreased coverage of treatment of animals in each of the legal traditions


Autore: Van Rensselaer Potter
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The Twilight Of Constitutionalism

Autore: Petra Dobner
Editore: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191633666
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The concepts and values that underpin traditional constitutionalism are increasingly being challenged by political realities that place substantial power beyond the state. Among the few certainties of a global economy is the growing incongruity between the political (the world of things that need to be ordered collectively in order to sustain society) and the state (the major institution of authoritative political decision-making during modern times). The consequences, and possible remedies, of this double disjunction of politics and state and of state and constitution form the centre of an open debate about 'constitutionalism beyond the state'. The essays gathered in this collection explore the range of issues raised by this debate. The effects of recent changes on two of the main building blocks of constitutionalism - statehood and democracy - are examined in Parts I and II. Since the movement of overcoming statehood has, arguably, been advanced furthest in the European context, the question of the future of constitutionalist ideas in the framework of the EU provides the key theme of Part III. The remaining parts consider possible transformations or substitutes. The engagement of constitutions with international law offers one line of transmutation of constitutionalism (Part IV) and the diffusion of constitutionalism into separate social spheres provides an alternative way of pursuing constitutionalism in a new key (Part VI). Finally, the ability of the theory of global administrative law (examined in Part V) to offer an alternative account of the potential of jurisdictional control of global governing processes is examined. Through these explorations, the book offers cross-disciplinary insights into the impact of recent political and economic changes on modern constitutionalism and an assessment of the prospects for constitutionalism in a transnational environment.

The Government Of Poland

Autore: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Editore: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9780915145959
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Should be read both as a clarification and a criticism of the political teaching of The Social Contract and as a comprehensive attempt to deal with those central problems of democratic theory that have continued to exercise our minds to this day.

For The Sake Of Peace

Autore: Daisaku Ikeda
ISBN: 9780967469720
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Based on 20 years of university lectures and proposals to the United Nations, this book addresses the issue of peace from the Buddhist perspective of compassion, interconnectedness of all life, and absolute respect for human life. Informed by the teachings of Nichiren, the 13th-century Japanese Buddhist teacher and reformer, this book considers peace from various angles, including economics, the environment, disarmament, religion, and culture. Asserting that nothing is more precious than peace, this guide affirms that through self-mastery, dialogue, and belief in the sovereignty of the people, the world may come to know a peaceful existence.

Resources And Population

Autore: Bernardo Colombo
Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198289189
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Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the world's population has increased threefold. The demographic revolution" has not only changed the size of the population; it is radically transforming its age structure and its spatial distribution, with attendant problems and contradictions. Despite measurable advances in human welfare, such as increased longevity, more than one billion people - about one third of the total population of the Third World - live in poverty, according to arecent World Bank report. Sharply diverging rates of population growth have been accompanied by increasing disparities in income and quality of life across nations. These papers examine the relationship between physical and human resources and population within this context of mass poverty, historically unprecedented population growth, and environmental deterioration. Attention focused on those resources most critical for human well-being, including soil, water, and energy, on the one hand, and education, social organization and economic management, on the other. The discussion is framed by a broad supervision into six parts, examining demographic history and global population prospects; the relationships between population and physical, biological, and human resources; human health; and human settlements. Introductory statements, including an address by Pope John Paul II, and concluding remarks draw out the common threads and point the way towards future action and research.This book originated in a study week organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences to bring the best available scientific evidence to bear on this complex and still inadequately explored topic. The study week brought together experts in demography and from the physical, biological, political, economic, anthropological, religious, cultural, and health sciences, to investigate past experience and observed trends. Through this multidisciplinary analysis, a reference base was assembled that is factual, amply documented, and as scientifically indisputable as possible."

A Question Of Life

Autore: Mary Warnock
Editore: Blackwell Pub
ISBN: 9780631142577
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Discusses artificial and in vitro fertilization, egg and embryo donation, surrogate mothers, the storage of human semen, eggs, and embryos, and scientific and ethical issues in fertility

Warrior Marks

Autore: Alice Walker
Editore: Diane Books Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780788155819
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Alice Walker and Pratibha Parmar expose the secret of female genital mutilation, a practice that affects one hundred million of the world's women. New Introductions by the Authors.