Autore: Carla Riga
Editore: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1413015166
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SALVE! is a complete, learner-friendly program for your introductory Italian course that provides you with all of the tools you will need to succeed! The manageable grammar and vocabulary presentations are easy to understand and study, helping you communicate more effectively from the first day of class. Rich cultural material and Sulla Strada video clips give you a taste of everyday life in Italy to provide real-world context, and a wealth of activities in the text and online make it easier to master the nuances of this remarkable language. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

New Europe New World

Autore: Alfonso Martinez Arranz
Editore: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9789052016047
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The EU has long played a central role in promoting economic prosperity and political stability in Europe. With twenty-seven countries, it is a powerful trade negotiator and is seen by many as a growing force for global security and welfare. But does the EU giant have feet of clay? Is it recognized as a legitimate political and social project by its own citizens? How well does it respond to global challenges, such as environmental degradation and terrorism? How successful is it in projecting its image as a promoter of human rights, of conflict prevention, social justice, development cooperation, environmental protection and multilateralism? This volume contributes to the debate about the changing face of Europe and the way it works, not just internally, but also with the rest of the world. It first explores the merits of fostering inclusive multicultural citizenship and religious pluralism in Europe, the necessity of reinventing the EU from below, and the urgency of addressing EU internal migration problems. It then examines the new role of the EU in world politics and how other countries view it in terms of hard and soft power. Can the EU inspire by its development aid, conflict prevention, social and audiovisual policies? How efficient is it in exporting security to the rest of the world? The final chapters deal with the EU in the Asia Pacific region.

L Euro Une Perspective Politique

Editore: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 2296322328
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Au sommaire de ce numéro : "La nécessité d'un "gouvernement économique" dans une UEM asymétrique. Les préoccupations françaises sont-elles justifiées ?" par Amy Verdun, "Advocating EMU : The institutional Faultlines of Monetary Union" par M. Mannin, "L'euro, tunique de Nessus de l'Europe ?" par J. Le Cacheux, "Opportunity and Reluctance : Implications of the Euro for the European Union's Role in World Politics." par C. Bretherton, "Usages et mésusages du concept de gouvernance appliqué à l'élargissement de l'Union européenne." par D. Dakowska, ...

The Euro As A Stabilizer In The International Economic System

Autore: Robert A. Mundell
Editore: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461544572
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The introduction of the euro was an important event for the world economy and the international political system. For the first time in history, a substantial group of European countries-eleven of the fifteen members of the European Union including three members of the G-7-have voluntarily agreed to replace their national currencies with a single currency. The euro area has already become established as the second largest currency area in the world and will therefore become a major player in the international monetary system. The creation of the euro poses a number of interesting questions. Will the euro be a strong or a weak currency? Will the euro challenge the leading position hitherto held by the United States dollar and would sharing of the burdens and advantages of reserve currency status improve or worsen the stability of the international monetary system? How will the euro affect US relations with Europe? Does the formation of the euro intensify European integration in other fields? Is a bi-polar international monetary system viable? These and other issues motivated the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies and the Pierre Werner Foundation to organize an international conference in Luxembourg on December 3-4, 1998, on the eve of the birth of the euro. At the outset we were aware that the issue of the euro went far beyond pure economics. Money, after all, is too important a subject to be left to economists.

Union Europ Enne Et L Euro Aspects Conomiques Institutionnels Et Internationaux

Autore: ECSA-World. Conference
ISBN: 9789282872635
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L Euro Et L Europe

ISBN: 9782872095391
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L'union monétaire n'est pas facile à comprendre si on se concentre exclusivement sur ses aspects économiques. L'Euro a des conséquences importantes sur le plan politique. Il affecte la cohésion sociale dans l'Union européenne. C'est pour tenter de définir les impacts politiques et sociaux de l'union monétaire que la Commission des Episcopats de la Communauté Européenne a organisé en février 1998 un congrès réunissant des évêques et des laïques, des économistes et des experts pour les questions d'éthique, des responsables politiques et des citoyens. Les principales interventions de ce congrès sont réunies dans ce livre afin d'atteindre le grand public.

L Euro Contre L Europe

Autore: Gérard Lafay
Editore: Arlea
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L'Europe est engagée dans la création d'une monnaie unique, l'euro, dont les exigences déterminent aujourd'hui la plupart des grands choix économiques et politiques. Paradoxalement, les conditions de réussite de ce projet, ses risques d'échec et son coût effectif ne sont jamais évoqués avec clarté devant les citoyens. Tout se passe comme s'il y avait là un tabou absolu. C'est ce tabou que le livre de Gérard Lafay veut briser. Au-delà des rhétoriques convenues, à mille lieues du pamphlet autant que du plaidoyer partisan, il s'agit de " mettre à plat " les éléments d'un débat occulté. L'auteur fait ressortir les contradictions d'une logique qui cherche désespérément à combiner le libéralisme de type américain et un archémonétarisme allemand ; logique qui, pour la France, se révèle extraordinairement coûteuse en termes de chômage, de croissance et de souffrance sociale. Comment se déterminer en connaissance de cause ? Gérard Lafay met cette grande question à la portée du citoyen.

French Public Opinion And The Transition To The Single Currency System 1981 2002

Autore: Olajide Fashola
Editore: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595287700
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The author describes in this publcation, the institutional framework of the European Union, the existing currency systems, and provides a review of the Maastricht treaty ratification debates. He used the op-ed of Franco-German finance ministers published in the International Herald Tribune, to relate the desire of the two countries to work on the new currency creation, as well as describing the preparation of corporate France. The events to mark the new change over as reported in national newspapers and the pubic information campaign to turn millions of people into users of the Euro were well narrated

Encore Tricolore 4

Autore: Heather Mascie-Taylor
Editore: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780174403463
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Encore Tricolore nouvelle edition builds on the success of Encore Tricolore and Tricolore. The new edition is exactly the right level for middle to high ability. The course now incorporates new features to bring it in line with the revised GCSE and Standard Grade specifications.

Royaume Uni Face L Euro

Autore: Carine Berbéri
Editore: Editions L'Harmattan
ISBN: 2296484727
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Pourquoi la Grande-Bretagne ne fait-elle toujours pas partie de la zone euro aujourd'hui ? Et surtout, pourquoi Tony Blair n'a-t-il pas pris la décision d'organiser un référendum sur cette question au cours des dix années pendant lesquelles il a été à la tête du pays ? Cet ouvrage examine successivement la ligne de conduite des principaux partis politiques britanniques, de la société ainsi que des nations périphériques (Ecosse, Pays de Galles et Irlande du Nord) vis-à-vis de l'euro.