L Azienda Quantica Come Creare E Gestire Olisticamente Un Impresa Di Successo

Autore: Giovanni Vota
ISBN: 9788899434144
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Digital Detox

Autore: Alessio Carciofi
ISBN: 8820379643
Grandezza: 58,48 MB
Formato: PDF
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Quante volte hai controllato il cellulare oggi? Ti svegli e guardi subito le email ricevute? Sei consapevole che negli ultimi dieci anni lo smartphone ha rivoluzionato le tue giornate, sfumando così i confini tra vita personale e lavorativa? Molti oramai lavorano nel digitale, ma nessuno ha mai insegnato come gestire i ritmi di un lavoro 24/7 e le notifiche che arrivano costantemente facendo perdere tempo, produttività e creatività. La cultura del ‘sempre disponibili’ in quanto sempre connessi sta creando problemi. È arrivato il momento di affrontarli. Questo libro, attraverso la metodologia Digital Felix, individua come equilibrare vita personale e vita professionale, rendendo il tempo più produttivo, e aumentando energia e attenzione. Eliminare il digitale dalla tua vita non è la soluzione: serve un nuovo metodo per gestire la sfera digitale così da raggiungere un equilibrio più sano, con benefici sul piano personale, interpersonale e lavorativo. Un percorso che ti porterà a modificare alcune abitudini, per porti le giuste domande con l’obiettivo di trovare un diverso equilibrio. Chiedersi cosa sia veramente essenziale è il primo passo. Ti attende un futuro in cui essere in completo controllo del tempo, dell’attenzione e della tua energia, per vivere appieno ogni momento della giornata. Cominciamo?

Come Creare E Gestire Un Azienda Di Successo

Autore: Domenico Maccallini
ISBN: 9788896785522
Grandezza: 42,12 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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The Divine Matrix

Autore: Gregg Braden
Editore: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1458771954
Grandezza: 20,16 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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THE DIVINE MATRIX Are the miracles that we see in the quantum world actually showing us our greatest possibilities rather than our scientific limits? Could the spontaneous healing of disease, an instant connection with everyone and everything, and even time travel, be our true heritage in the universe? There is a place where all things begin, the place of pure energy that simply ''is.'' In this quantum incubator for reality, everything is possible. In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, shocked the world by saying that this ''matrix'' is where the birth of stars, the DNA of life, and everything between originates. Recent discoveries reveal dramatic evidence that Planck's matrix - The Divine Matrix - is real. It is this missing link in our understanding that provides the container for the universe, the bridge between our imagination and our reality, and the mirror in our world for what we create in our beliefs. To unleash the power of this matrix in our lives, we must understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes. For more than 20 years, Gregg Braden, a former senior aerospace computer systems designer, has searched for the understanding to do just that. From the remote monasteries of Egypt, Peru, and Tibet to the forgotten texts that were edited by the early Christian church, the secret of the Divine Matrix was left in the coded language of our most cherished traditions. It is verified in today's science. In this paradigm-shattering book, Gregg shares what he's found. Through 20 keys of conscious creation, we're shown how to translate the miracles of our imagination into what is real in our lives. With easy-to-understand science and real-life stories, Gregg shows us that we're limited only by our beliefs, and what we once believed is about to change!

Holographic Universe

Autore: Michael Talbot
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060922583
Grandezza: 29,23 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Examines a new theory of reality, based on holography, that explains the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics, and the unsolved riddles of the brain and body

Ux For Lean Startups

Autore: Laura Klein
Editore: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1449335047
Grandezza: 73,19 MB
Formato: PDF
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Offers a series of standalone chapters that let you concentrate on those areas most important to your startup. The advice Laura Klein provides in this book comes from more than 15 years of working with startups and building great user experiences.

The Periodic Table

Autore: Primo Levi
ISBN: 9780141399447
Grandezza: 49,47 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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In these haunting reflections, Primo Levi, a chemist by training takes the elements of the periodic table as his inspiration. He ranges from young love to political savagery; 'Iron' honours the mountain-climbing resistance hero who put iron in Levi's student soul, while 'Cerium' recalls the improvised cigarette lighters which saved his life in Auschwitz.

Emerging Africa

Autore: Steven C. Radelet
Editore: CGD Books
ISBN: 1933286512
Grandezza: 53,41 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 1889
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Since 1995, 17 African countries have defied expeotations and have launched a remarkable, if little-noticed, tumaround, Emerging Africa describes this revitalization and why it is likely to continue. "Steve tosses out the stereotypes and unearths reality...A meticulous and fascinating account of sub-Saharan Africa's most successful economies."---Bono, lead singer of U2 and co-founder of ONE and (RED) "Steve Radelet's comprehensive analysis provides further grounds for optimism that improved macroeconomic management in a significant number of countries is producing tangible results, including resilience to recent shocks. It makes an important contribution to mounting evidence of sustainable economic improvements across the continent, while being realistic about the effort needed to tackle remaining challenges."---Antoinette Monsio Sayeh, former Minister of Finance of Liberia and Director, African Department, International Monetary Fund "Africa is too often used as a blunt weapon to score points in debates about hopeless poverty or desperate need. Radelet uncovers the national success stories that are lost in `the Africa debate,' He has done Africa and the citizens of these good performers a great favor."---Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Monitor Group, former Minister of State, United Kingdom "African is in flux. Many countries have learned from past mistakes and now face huge new opportunities. Yet much of this has gone unnoticed. Radelet's important book will open your eyes to the new realities."---Paul Collier, Oxford University, author of The Bottom Billion

Straight From The Horse S Mouth

Autore: Amelia Kinkade
Editore: New World Library
ISBN: 9781608680092
Grandezza: 27,97 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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What if you could listen to your pet’s thoughts — and truly understand? What if your cat could reveal his mischievous secrets or your dog could tell you about her day? What if you could assure him you’d be back soon or comfort her about visiting the vet? You can, and animal communicator Amelia Kinkade will show you how. In Straight from the Horse’s Mouth, she shares her practical program that has helped hundreds of clients break through to communicate with their pets. Using guided meditations and other exercises designed to increase intuition, you can learn to share memories, make plans, diagnose illness, track a disappearance, and accept each other’s differences. Read Amelia Kinkade’s adventures in animal communication in all their hilarity, passion, and tenderness, and know that you too can talk to animals and get answers.

What Do You Really Want For Your Children

Autore: Wayne W. Dyer
Editore: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006201319X
Grandezza: 34,73 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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World-famous author Wayne Dyer, the doctor who taught millions how to take charge of their own lives in the bestselling classics Your Erroneous Zones and Pulling Your Own Strings, reveals how to help your kids take charge of their own happiness. If you have children, then you have dreams for them. You want to see them growing up happy, healthy, self-reliant, and confident in themselves and their abilities. You’ve also probably wondered if you'll be able to give them all this. There's good news: you can. Wayne Dyer shares the wisdom and guidance that have already helped millions of readers take charge of their lives and shows how to make all your hopes for your children come true. Learn valuable advice including Dyer’s original seven simple secrets for building your child's self-esteem every day; how to give very young children all the love they need without spoiling them; how to encourage risk-taking without fear of failure; action strategies for dealing with both your own anger and your child's; the right way (and the wrong way) to improve your child's behavior; the secrets of raising kids relatively free of illness; techniques that encourage children to enjoy life, and much more. It's all here – straightforward, commonsense advice that no parent can afford to do without.