Ogni Tuo Respiro

Autore: Irene Cao
ISBN: 9788817086820
Grandezza: 46,93 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 1744
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On Talking Terms With Dogs

Autore: Turid Rugaas
Editore: Dogwise Publishing
ISBN: 1929242360
Grandezza: 74,57 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 1390
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One of our all time best selling books is now in its second edition with three additional chapters, color photos and descriptive captions. Turid Rugaas is a noted expert on canine body language, notably "calming signals" which are signals dogs give to other dogs and humans to denote stress and to attempt defuse situations that otherwise might result in fights or aggression. Written in practical, down-to-earth, logical language. Companion DVD, 'Calming Signals: What Your Dog Tells You', DTB788, is also available.


Autore: Anna Todd
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 150113082X
Grandezza: 16,37 MB
Formato: PDF, Mobi
Vista: 7017
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Anna Todd (#1 internationally bestselling author of the After series) headlines this unique anthology of “imagines”—the first book of its kind—stories from Wattpad writers that immerse you in a fantasy world of fame, adventure, and flirtation with your favorite celebrities. Imagine running around the city, dodging paparazzi with Jennifer Lawrence… Imagine Justin Bieber setting up a romantic scavenger hunt for your anniversary, retelling the story of your love… Imagine selfies have been outlawed, making Kim Kardashian a freedom fighter who needs your help in bringing justice and good lighting to the people… Let your fantasies take over! That’s what the top Wattpad authors have done in this special collection of fictional scenarios that bring you up close and personal with the real celebrities you love—star alongside Zayn Malik, Cameron Dallas, Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Dylan O’Brien, Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many more! Authors included in the book are Leigh Ansell, Rachel Aukes, Doeneseya Bates, Scarlett Drake, A. Evansley, Kevin Fanning, Ariana Godoy, Debra Goelz, Bella Higgin, Blair Holden, Kora Huddles, Annelie Lange, E. Latimer, Bryony Leah, Jordan Lynde, Laiza Millan, Peyton Novak, C.M. Peters, Michelle Jo Quinn, Dmitri Ragano, Elizabeth A. Seibert, Rebecca Sky, Karim Soliman, Kate J. Squires, Steffanie Tan, Kassandra Tate, Anna Todd, Katarina E. Tonks, Marcella Uva, Tango Walker, Bel Watson, Jen Wilde, and Ashley Winters. Wattpad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fanfiction, and poems about anything either online or through the Wattpad app. Note: Although this book mentions many real celebrities, they have not participated in, authorized, or endorsed its creation.

The Professor And The Siren

Autore: Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
Editore: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590177428
Grandezza: 78,87 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 8886
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An NYRB Classics Original In the last two years of his life, the Sicilian aristocrat Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote not only the internationally celebrated novel The Leopard but also three shorter pieces of fiction, brought together here in a new translation. “The Professor and the Siren,” like The Leopard, meditates on the past and the passage of time, and also on the relationship between erotic love and learning. Professor La Ciura is one of the world’s most distinguished Hellenists; his knowledge, however, came at the cost of a loss that has haunted him for his entire life. This Lampedusa’s final masterpiece, is accompanied here by the parable “Joy and the Law” and “The Blind Kittens,” a story originally conceived as the first chapter of a followup to The Leopard.

Jasmin S Flower Jasmin S Tingle No 2

Autore: Marshall Gibson
Editore: Marshall Gibson
ISBN: 6050430667
Grandezza: 62,76 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Vista: 8927
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DESCRIPTION Jasmin has endured shame and humiliation to land her job in the Philippines. Working at an adult bar as a barely legal bargirl, Jasmin hopes to fall in love. Before she can start working, Jasmin must endure a thorough medical exam. Having her virgin sex probed, prodded, and photograph Jasmin is humiliated and forced to endure her sense of newfound shame. EXCERPT “Hallo,” the young Filipina said with her distinctive Taglish accent. Melissa was a petite, shapely, young Filipina in her mid-twenties, standing only four-foot-ten inches with shoulder length dark brown hair and beautiful tiger shaped eyes. As their eyes met, she sensed something oddly familiar about Jasmin and tipped her head curiously. Jasmin too sensed an odd familiarity about Melissa, as if she knew her somehow from somewhere else. Then it suddenly struck Jasmin that Melissa was the lady she had seen accompanying the handsome blonde foreigner, the one who had called her “Spitfire,” and given her the five-hundred pesos. The intoxicating memory of that life-changing event flashed through her mind, and her heart raced with excitement. She wanted to blurt out that she recognized Melissa from the previous evening, but she contained her delight and practiced discretion instead. “How are you, Sis,” Jasmin said, taking Melissa’s soft and well-manicured hand. “I’m Rosalyn.” “This is the new girl I told you about.” Josie said to Melissa. “I’m Melissa, but everyone just calls me Meleng.” Melissa replied with a smile, gently squeezing Jasmin’s hand with a friendly grasp. “Okay, let’s get your picture on the wall. I made an appointment at the photo studio.” Josie announced. “You like getting your photo taken, right?” “Well, sure.” Jasmin confessed. “Let me get the bikini,” Josie said as she pulled a small, white bikini bottom from a stack of similar swimwear in the corner of the office, carefully folding the garment and tucking it safely into her fashionable Coach purse. “It’s at the glamour studio down the street. It’ll be fun.” Melissa said with a bright smile. “Come on, let’s go.” The three ladies walked out of the bar and made their way along Osmena Boulevard to the Dreamlights Glamour Studio a block away. Upon entering the chic establishment, Josie was greeted with friendly smiles by two girls behind the counter. “We need some photos of this new lady, please.” Josie asked after exchanging pleasantries as a regular customer. “Just one girl today?” One of the ladies asked, as she walked around the counter with a Canon digital SLR camera in her right hand. “Yes, just one, thanks,” Josie replied. “The usual portfolio for the Silver Dollar.” “This way please,” the lady said and led the trio to a modest studio behind an adjacent door. “What do you want her to pose in?” The lady asked once they had closed the door to the studio.

Calendar Girl

Autore: Audrey Carlan
Editore: Waterhouse Press
ISBN: 1947222139
Grandezza: 72,10 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
Vista: 9053
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Editorial Reviews “Fresh, fun, and unbelievably hot, Audrey Carlan's Calendar Girl series will have you falling in love over and over again and craving the next installment." –Meredith Wild, #1 NYT Bestselling Author "Sinfully delicious from start to finish! Sexy, smart, and so unique! I was completely immersed in Mia's journey." –Katy Evans, NYT Bestselling Author "A sexy, fast-paced, and downright addictive read. I devoured every word of Mia's journey." –Meghan March, USA Today Bestselling Author "This was a KILLER start to Ms. Carlan's monthly series!" –Give Me Books "Damn, Audrey did it again! Made me smile, made me laugh & made me cry with her beautiful words! I am in love with these books. –Hooks & Books Blog "This story was exciting, quick; but well paced and full of loveable characters. I haven't met a character in this series that I haven't liked yet!" –Nice and Nau Synopsis Mia Saunders journey continues in the third wicked hot anthology of the Calendar Girl Series! In the next three months, Mia heads to Miami, Texas, and her hometown, Las Vegas. In July, she serves as the seductress in a music video to platinum selling hip hop artist Anton Santiago. Still dealing with the trauma from June, our girl opens her heart and finds that taking risks in life and love could give her all that she ever needed and more. In August, Mia heads to Texas to put on her acting hat and pretend to be the long lost sister of oil tycoon and big business man Maxwell Cunningham. The job should have been a snap, only secrets are revealed from her past that change everything she knew to be true. In September, Mia dashes home to sin city where the world around her seems to implode. The people she loves are fighting battles she isn’t prepared for, but desperate to solve before she loses it all.

Rebecca S Lost Journals

Autore: Lisa Renee Jones
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147677255X
Grandezza: 43,83 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 9651
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Read five sizzling stories from the New York Times bestselling Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones. Kept under lock and key, discovered by chance, dangerous new secrets and scintillating adventures lie within Rebecca’s private diaries—searing scenes from a passionate journey inside a world where pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, and where every limit she once had is no more. The Seduction Rebecca’s daring first encounter with the Master… The Contract Once she is his, there’s no turning back… His Submissive Passion and torment become one… My Master It’s Rebecca’s turn to take control… And told from his point of view, The Master Undone Shattered after Rebecca walks away, he questions his need to control. But when a challenging new woman revives him and then disappears, he knows one thing: he must have more…

Roma 40 D C Destino D Amore

Autore: Adele Vieri Castellano
Editore: Fanucci Editore
ISBN: 8834719891
Grandezza: 78,62 MB
Formato: PDF
Vista: 464
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40 d.C., Città di Roma, Gaio Giulio Cesare Germanico, Caligola, Imperatore.Marco Quinto Rufo è l’uomo più potente di Roma, secondo solo all’imperatore, Livia Urgulanilla ha un passato da dimenticare. Lui è un uomo temprato dalla foresta germanica, bello e forte che non conosce paura né limiti. Lei è un’aristocratica raffinata e altezzosa il cui destino è già scritto. Ma il dio Fato decide altrimenti e quando Rufo la porta via con sé non immagina lontanamente le conseguenze del suo gesto. Roma non è la Provincia dove tutto, incluso rapire una donna, è concesso. E anche se Caligola in persona decide di concedergliela, possederne il cuore sarà la più ardua e temeraria delle sue imprese. E Livia saprà donare il cuore a un uomo spietato che non esita davanti a nulla, se non a quello che sente per lei? Il primo romanzo di una trilogia che vi porterà in uno dei periodi storici più affascinanti del nostro passato; una storia che vi catturerà fin dalle prime pagine e alla fine ne rimarrete conquistati.

That Boy

Autore: Jillian Dodd
Editore: Jillian Dodd
ISBN: 0615408982
Grandezza: 51,21 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 9529
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A romance about falling in love with the boy next door by USA Today bestselling author Jillian Dodd. You know, being friends with two cute boys does have its benefits. There's Danny. Danny is a golden boy in every way. He has dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair that always looks perfect, even when it’s windblown or been stuck under a football helmet. He’s the boy every girl crushes on. The boy I get into trouble with, the boy I fight with, the hot quarterback no girl can resist, not even me. Being with Danny is like being on an adventure. He has a bright, contagious smile and abs to die for. He’s pretty much irresistible. Equally crush worthy is Phillip. Adorable, sweet Phillip, who I have known since birth. Phillip has dark hair, a perfect smile, brown eyes, and the sexiest voice I have ever heard. He’s the boy I talk to every night before I go to sleep. The boy who rescues me, the boy who can read my mind, the boy who is always there for me, the boy who tries to keep me out of trouble, the boy who irritatingly keeps getting hotter, and whose strong arms always seem to find their way around me. And when he gives me that grin, I can never say no. One boy will give me my very first kiss. One boy will teach me to make out. One boy will take me to prom. And finally, one boy will ask me to marry him. They will both be my best friends. But only one of them will be the boy I fall in love with. Only one of them is that boy.

How Whores Repay Favours

Autore: Kathrin Pissinger
Editore: Kathrin Pissinger
ISBN: 8892545140
Grandezza: 40,94 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 3062
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A lesbian domination story When I helped out a local bordello, I earned the whores gratitude along with a double penetration fisting threesome and a new, favourite strapon sex-toy.