Indimenticabile India Racconti Di Viaggio In India Del Nord Tra Il Rajasthan Agra E Varanasi

Autore: Serena Puosi
Editore: goWare
ISBN: 8867973649
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Il subcontinente indiano è sterminato, quasi un mondo a parte: ci vuole una vita intera per conoscerlo tutto e forse non basta. Un viaggio in questa terra porta con sé un pesante bagaglio di esperienze del tutto personali, sicuramente toccanti, probabilmente indelebili e aggiunge un pezzo al puzzle variegato di questa terra di contraddizioni su cui nei secoli sono stati versati fiumi d’inchiostro. È che il fascino di questa terra travalica il buon senso: l’urgenza di mettere nero su bianco un calderone di emozioni non si placa con i giorni. E allora non resta che farsi trascinare da questa corrente e acchiapparne qua e là suggestioni da regalare ad altri, siano essi moderni hippie in pellegrinaggio, cultori dell’esotico o semplici viaggiatori aperti all’ignoto.

Rajasthan Delhi And Agra

Autore: Lindsay Brown
ISBN: 9781741794601
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Lonely Planet Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Marvel at the great marble Taj Mahal, step into 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves' atJaisalmer Fort, or visit the massive Mughal Red Fort.

A Brave New China The Big Change

Autore: Francesco Sisci
Editore: goWare
ISBN: 8867972251
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How the Chinese look at themselves, the world, and the challenges of the future. Where is China, What is China: Where are the traditional pigtails of the old mandarins, the Mao’s bicycles and his suits? Where are the large families with the many concubines? The stuff that made China for centuries in all the stories Chinese and foreigners told of this huge country is gone. China now is skyscrapers, limousines, fast trains, science fiction airports, bright neon lights that explode in the night more than fireworks. Chinese are changing and have changed beyond recognition. In fact, they have changed so much that they do not see themselves in their present shape, just like an animal going through a metamorphosis. We are in the middle of this huge transformation and we don’t know if and when the new shape will stabilize and what impact it will have on the conscience of the Chinese and of the people of the world looking at China. This book is an exploration into this huge revolution that is affecting the whole planet in the biggest way possibly since the fall of the Roman Empire.


Autore: Dacia Maraini
Editore: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480442135
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An exploration of the landscape of early memory After being imprisoned with her family in a Japanese concentration camp, Dacia Maraini returns to her past. In sensuous detail, she describes Sicily, the town of Bagheria, and the ancestral villa to which she returned as a child after two horrific years of internment. Villa Valguarnera recalls the memory of Maraini’s spiritual struggles and her rebellion against her elitist social class. She also discusses her experience of child abuse. Bagheria is a tale of corruption: Centuries of the town’s past unfold alongside Maraini’s family history as she details the involvement of the mafia in the architectural decimation of Bagheria in the 1970s.


Autore: Sam van Schaik
Editore: Longanesi
ISBN: 8830442232
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Famoso per la sua cultura unica e per i monasteri buddhisti inerpicati sul tetto del mondo, il Tibet esercita da sempre uno straordinario fascino che affonda le radici nel più lontano passato. Questo libro, scritto con efficace stile narrativo da un grande esperto di storia tibetana, conduce il lettore nel cuore del Paese, dal VII secolo, periodo di gloria dell’impero tibetano, fino ai giorni nostri, analizzando la nascita del buddhismo tibetano, l’ascesa del Dalai Lama, le mire di Inghilterra e Russia – entrambe potenze colonialiste confinanti col Tibet – fino ad arrivare alla rivoluzione del 1911. Oltre a far luce sul complesso rapporto del Paese con la Cina, Van Schaik illustra aspetti della cultura tibetana poco conosciuti o fraintesi, come la reincarnazione del Dalai Lama o Il Libro Tibetano dei Morti. Una narrazione esaustiva e avvincente, che offre la possibilità di conoscere davvero questo angolo tanto importante e controverso del mondo.

Ancient Japanese Tales

Autore: Richard Gordon Smith
ISBN: 605037192X
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THE stories in this volume are transcribed from voluminous illustrated diaries which have been kept by me for some twenty years spent in travel and in sport in many lands—the last nine of them almost entirely in Japan, while collecting subjects of natural history for the British Museum; trawling and dredging in the Inland Sea, sometimes with success, sometimes without, but in the end contributing to the treasury some fifty things new to Science, and, according to Sir Edwin Ray Lankester, 'adding greatly to the knowledge of Japanese Ethnology.' As may be supposed, such a life has brought me into close contact with the people—the fisher, the farmer, the priest, the doctor, the children, and all others from whom there is a possibility of extracting information. Many and weird are the tales I have been told. In this volume the Publishers prefer to have a mixture—stories of Mountains, of Trees, of Flowers, of Places in History, and Legends.

How To Witness To Jews About Jesus What Christians Need To Know

Autore: Bernard Levine
Editore: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781512277722
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Why did I leave the Jewish religion to follow Jesus? What are the strange traditions of the Jews? How do you witness to Jews about Jesus? Let the mysteries be unveiled and the truth be told!

No Dogs Land

Autore: Brian O'Gorman
Editore: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781511786218
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Many years ago all life on earth came to an end. But deep underground the dogs survived. Four friends, Dylan, Cally, Poppy and Gizmo learn about the above ground known as no dogs land and the mysterious Whisperer who, legend has it, holds the key to bringing the world back to life and allowing the dogs to run free again. The four friends make their plans and set off. The future of dogkind awaits them in no dogs land.....

Life And Art Of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Autore: Sir Hall Caine
ISBN: 6050385696
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One day towards the close of 1881 Rossetti, who was then very ill, said to me: "How well I remember the beginning of our correspondence, and how little did I think it would lead to such relations between us as have ensued! I was at the time very solitary and depressed from various causes, and the letters of so young and ardent a well-wisher, though unknown to me personally, brought solace." "Yours," I said, "were very valuable to me." "Mine to you were among the largest bodies of literary letters I ever wrote, others being often letters of personal interest." "And so admirable in themselves," I added, "and so free from the discussion of any but literary subjects that many of them would bear to be printed exactly as you penned them." "That," he said, "will be for you some day to decide." This was the first hint of any intention upon my part of publishing the letters he had written to me; indeed, this was the first moment at which I had conceived the idea of doing so. Nothing further on the subject was said down to the morning of the Thursday preceding the Sunday on which he died, when we talked together for the last time on subjects of general interest,—subsequent interviews being concerned wholly with solicitous inquiries upon my part, in common with other anxious friends, as to the nature of his sufferings, and the briefest answers from him.

Cottage On The Curve

Autore: Mary Lamers
Grandezza: 13,80 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This story tells of a family's adventures during summer vacation at a lake.