Bridging Files Per Le Scuole Superiori

Autore: Patrizia Fiocchi
ISBN: 9788889950586
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Memory And The Mediterranean

Autore: Fernand Braudel
Editore: Vintage
ISBN: 0307773361
Grandezza: 35,39 MB
Formato: PDF
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A grand sweep of history by the late Fernand Braudel–one of the twentieth century’s most influential historians–Memory and the Mediterranean chronicles the Mediterranean’s immeasurably rich past during the foundational period from prehistory to classical antiquity, illuminating nothing less than the bedrock of our civilization and the very origins of Western culture. Essential for historians, yet written explicitly for the general reader, this magnificent account of the ebb and flow of cultures shaped by the Mediterranean takes us from the great sea’s geologic beginnings through the ancient civilizations that flourished along its shores. Moving with ease from Mesopotamia and Egypt to the flowering of Crete and the early Aegean peoples, and culminating in the prodigious achievements of ancient Greece and Rome, Braudel conveys in absorbing detail the geography and climate of the region over the course of millennia while brilliantly explaining the larger forces that gave rise to agriculture, writing, sea travel, trade, and, ultimately, the emergence of empires. Impressive in scope and gracefully written, Memory and the Mediterranean is an endlessly enriching work of history by a legend in the field. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Architectural Principles In The Age Of Humanism

Autore: Rudolf Wittkower
Editore: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393005998
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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Sir Kenneth Clark wrote in the Architectural Review, that the first result of this book was “to dispose, once and for all, of the hedonist, or purely aesthetic, theory of Renaissance architecture,' and this defines Wittkower's intention in a nutshell.

Historical Urban Landscape

Autore: Gábor Sonkoly
Editore: Springer
ISBN: 3319491660
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This book uses the Historic Urban Landscape - the most recently codified notion of international urban heritage conservation - to demonstrate why it is necessary to demarcate history from cultural heritage and what consequences the increasing popularity of the latter have on history. It also demonstrates how the history of cultural heritage can be constructed as a historical problem. First, the conceptual history of urban heritage preservation – based on the standard setting instruments of international organizations – reveals the fundamental elements of the current concept of urban heritage. Second, this concept, as worded in the HUL approach, is investigated through the analysis of Vienna, which played a crucial role in the establishment of HUL. These examples are used to to show how the evolution of cultural heritage can be constructed as a historical problem.


Autore: Omair Ahmad
Editore: Penguin UK
ISBN: 8184752970
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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In Moazzamabad, UP, too large to be a town and too backward to be a city, a young man stabs a police inspector and is beaten to death. The last words he speaks are, ‘My name is Jimmy the Terrorist.’ Journalists descend on the town, ‘like shrill birds’, and a long-time resident decides to tell a story that none of them will know. Jimmy was once Jamaal, son of Rafiq Ansari of Rasoolpur Mohalla, a Muslim neighbourhood in a Hindu town. And his story goes back a long way: to the time when Moazzamabad was named, after Aurangzeb’s son; when Rafiq was seduced by the wealth and refinements of Shabbir Manzil and married Shaista; when the Hanuman temple grew ten storeys high and the head priest was elected mayor; when Shaista died, a mosque was brought down in Ayodhya and Rafiq became a mullah. As Jamaal grows up, watching both his father and his neighbourhood change and curfew reach Moazzamabad, he is changed himself. He becomes Jimmy, one among the countless marginalized trying to find a place in the world, dimly aware that the choices that shape their lives are being made in distant places, where they have no influence. Shortlisted for the Man Asian Prize 2009, this spare, compelling novel, as intimate as it is political, confirms Omair Ahmad’s reputation as one of the most distinctive and exciting new voices in Indian fiction.

The Monk S Wedding

Autore: Conrad Ferdinand Meyer
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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Governed By Opinion

Autore: Dagmar Freist
Editore: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781860641107
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"In this first extensive analysis of communication in mid-seventeenth-century London, Dagmar Freist analyses the impact of public opinion on politics. She argues that, in a society with a still massive oral residue, political debate was influenced by print and oral cultures, and traditional imagery merged with the public discourse on national politics and religion." "The political symbolism of the period was based on gender stereotypes. In sharp contrast, however, women played a prominent role in the dissemination of news." "Drawing on the rich material of court records on sedition, Freist provides fascinating detail about the 'language of conflict' and how ordinary people discussed political and religious issues. Her findings are set in a wider context through the study of censorship, the professionalisation of the news trade, and the analysis of popular news genres."--BOOK JACKET.