Chuck Norris Ha Un Armadio Nello Scheletro

Autore: Dietnam
Editore: Tea
ISBN: 8850223501
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Ormai non sappiamo più che dirvi. Avete in mano il terzo libro di fact su Chuck Norris e, a questo punto, crediamo non sia più un equivoco. Ci volete bene, ammettetelo. Su, non siate timidi. Perché davvero, non c’è altra spiegazione. Cos’altro avrebbe potuto spingervi ad acquistare il terzo capitolo della saga del campione di arti marziali più barbuto della tv? Non vi biasimiamo affatto, sia chiaro. Noi per primi spesso ci chiediamo cosa ci spinge ad aggiornare quotidianamente da oltre tre anni il nostro sito, Abbiamo preso in seria considerazione l’ipotesi di essere veramente scemi, ma ci sembra una soluzione di comodo. La realtà è che continuiamo a ridere come se fosse il primo giorno. I fact, nel corso degli anni, non hanno mai smesso di far sbellicare dalle risate chi se li trovava di fronte. E ogni volta che incrociamo per la strada qualcuno che non ne ha mai sentito parlare – ne esistono ancora! – capiamo che la nostra missione è lungi dall’essere finita. Finché ogni singolo uomo presente sul pianeta Terra non conoscerà almeno un aneddoto sul nostro Texas Ranger preferito, noi insisteremo a divulgarne le gesta. MIST

Against All Odds

Autore: Chuck Norris
Editore: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1433668920
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A New York Times best seller. Millions of people worldwide know Chuck Norris as the star of more than twenty motion pictures, a martial arts expert, and the only man in the Western Hemisphere to hold an eighth degree Black Belt Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. Countless others see him daily in syndicated reruns as the hero of the longest running CBS series to date, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” What many don’t know is that Chuck Norris is a sincere Christian–a man whose faith plays a role in everything he does. Against All Odds is the inspirational story of how Norris overcame abject poverty from childhood, the effects of his father’s alcoholism and desertion of the family, and his own shyness and lack of strength and ability early in his life. Norris writes candidly about the past and gives God full credit for where he is today.

Chuck Norris

Autore: Ian Spector
Editore: Penguin Group Australia
ISBN: 0143568515
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A concept so magnificent that mere mortals cannot fathom its depths is now a reality: the ultimate collection of facts about the world's most kick-ass man. Double up on birth control and locate your nearest bomb shelter for this epic collection of all Chuck Norris facts found in The Truth About Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T, Chuck Norris Cannot Be Stopped, The Last Stand of Chuck Norris, on the walls of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the unpublished works of Shakespeare, and at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. This volume includes one hundred Chuck facts that human eyes have never seen and more roundhouse kicks than the Bible. This massive bulging volume throbs with 1,500 pieces of truth about the world's deadliest, sexiest, and beardiest man such as: Chuck Norris once ran for Senate in Texas and won both seats. Bigfoot is a piece of Chuck Norris's beard that gained sentience and escaped. Work records are just things that Chuck Norris has not yet attempted. Chuck Norris can create enough wind power with one roundhouse kick power Sri Lanka for forty days. The 2011 Tea Party Convention was held entirely within Chuck Norris's beard. If you hold Chuck Norris's cowboys boot to your ear, you can hear the riff from 'Rock You Like a Hurricane.' Chuck Norris is where babies come from. The most important historical document since the Magna Carta, Longer and Harder is the only fitting paean to the man whose name we quake to speak: Chuck Norris

Ocean Of Eloquence

Autore: Tsoṅ-kha-pa Blo-bzaṅ-grags-pa
Editore: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791414798
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This book is of particular interest because it shows the presence of the Yogacara (Mind Only) school in Tibet. It is well known that the Madhyamaka school flourished in Tibet, but less well known that Yogacara doctrines were also studied and practiced. The former school stresses the inexpressible ultimate; the latter, the natural luminosity of mind. This is probably the best introduction to the distinctive eight consciousness systems of Yogacara. It also makes understandable the different meanings of the profound alaya-vijnana (the storehouse consciousness, or basis of all) that is the pivotal eighth consciousness in their system. For those interested in meditation, the author's introduction explains how earlier Tibetan meditation (the method of allowing mind to look into its own pure nature) uses the eight-consciousness system. The book is remarkable in that it addresses the problem of how a person trapped within the confines of a limited and deluded personality can transcend that state and attain liberation. By his inquiry into the process of transformation, Tsong kha pa makes profound comments which will interest those who ask whether enlightenment is a gradual process or a sudden breakthrough. Tsong kha pa (1357-1419) wrote extensively on nearly every aspect of Buddhist religious philosophy and practice. The text edited and translated here is the Yiddang kun gzhi dka'ba'iignas rgyacher'grel pa legs par bshad pa'i rgya mtsho, often referred to as the Commentary on the Difficult Points.

We Three Kings

Autore: Gennady Spirin
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 068982114X
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An illustrated edition of the traditional Christmas song.

Elvis Presley

Autore: Elvis Presley
Editore: Berklee Press
ISBN: 0634073370
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Songlist - All Shook Up; Always On My Mind; An American Trilogy; Are You Lonesome Tonight?; A Big Hunk O' Love; Blue Christmas; Blue Suede Shoes; Bossa Nova Baby; Burning Love; Can't Help Falling In Love; Crying In The Chapel; Don't; Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True); Don't Cry Daddy; Good Luck Charm; Hard Headed Woman; Heartbreak Hotel; His Latest Flame; Hound Dog; I Feel So Bad; I Forgot To Remember To Forget; I Got Stung; I Need Your Love Tonight; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; I'm A Roustabout; If I Can Dream; In The Ghetto (The Vicious Circle); It's Now Or Never; Jailhouse Rock; Kentucky Rain; King Creole; Little Sister; Love Me; Love Me Tender; Loving You; Mean Woman Blues Memories; A Mess Of Blues; Moody Blue; One Night; Return To Sender; Rock-A-Hula Baby Rubberneckin'; She's Not You; Stuck On You; Surrender; Suspicious Minds; (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear; That's All Right; The Promised Land; Too Much; Treat Me Nice; Trouble; Viva Las Vegas; Way Down; Wear My Ring Around Your Neck; The Wonder Of You; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; You're The Devil In Disguise.

Faith Among Faiths

Autore: James Lee Fredericks
Editore: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809138937
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"In the twenty-first century, the meaning of non-Christian religions for Christian faith will become a central question. Are all religions, including Christianity, responding to the same transcendent truth or are religions fundamentally different? In Faith among Faiths, James Fredericks moves beyond the popular "pluralist" model of religions and explores the meaning of Christianity in light of non-Christian religions. By doing theology "comparatively," Fredericks shows how Christians can look upon religious diversity as an opportunity for enriching their own spiritual quest."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual 6th Edition

Autore: Aquatic Exercise Association
Editore: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1450408273
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Written by more than 30 industry experts, Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Sixth Edition, is the most comprehensive and relied-upon resource for fitness professionals, personal trainers, therapists, and facility or program managers who specialize in water exercise. No longer just for seniors, aquatic fitness has emerged at the forefront of new fitness trends as a challenging reduced-impact option for group exercise, small-group fitness, and personal training for all age groups. Straightforward explanations of current concepts in exercise science, applied exercise anatomy and physiology, and updated research on deep-water exercise will assist you in creating and leading safe, effective, and enjoyable exercise programs. This all-in-one aquatic fitness reference is the definitive resource for those preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional certification exam. Reorganized for easier study and exam preparation, the sixth edition contains essential foundational information such as the components of physical fitness, group fitness teaching techniques, and AEA Standards and Guidelines.


Autore: Guenter Schmidt
Editore: Thieme
ISBN: 9781588905529
Grandezza: 15,68 MB
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This compact book provides radiologists, ultrasonographers, residents, and trainees with a handy, portable guide to managing problems in the everyday setting. The first section of the book provides a thorough review of basic physical and technical principles and examination techniques. In the second section of the book, the author helps the clinician answer such questions as: What differential diagnoses should be considered for specific signs and symptoms? When can ultrasound advance the diagnosis? What are the typical sonographic signs that suggest a diagnosis? The book describes systematic approaches to the ultrasound examination of specific organs and organ systems, postoperative ultrasound, with emphasis on scanning protocols, normal findings, and possible abnormal findings and their significance. Color-coded sections aid rapid reference to topics of interest.

Maximum Rad

Autore: Craig Stecyk
Editore: Universe Pub
ISBN: 9780789324320
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For thirty years, Thrasher has been the bible of the skateboarding world. Collected here for the first time are thirty years' worth of outrageous, memorable, iconic, and collectible covers--front pages that caught every skater kid's eye and became the most treasured records of the history of the skate scene. From early pioneers such as Jay Adams, Tony Alva, and Steve Caballero through the giants of the 1980s and 1990s, including Tony Hawk and Brian Anderson, to such legends of the scene today as James Hardy and Justin Figueroa, every icon of skating has graced the cover of Thrasher, captured in mid-air and mid-action by the sharpest shooters around. Organized chronologically, and including every cover published in Thrasher's first thirty years--even long out-of-print and hard-to-find collectible issues--the book at last reveals the stories behind these legendary cover-photo shoots, as told by the skaters, photographers, and editors who made these the most iconic mementos of skate culture.